Jordan McLinn

“I like rehab,” Jordan told the Indiana House representatives. “I like being a fireman. And I like rescuing people.” But, Jordan’s parents had a very serious message to share: the right to try an experimental drug to save their son.

“This is my son and he’s a real person that’s running around here like he owns the place, but five years from now, he probably won’t be doing that,” Jordan’s mom Laura McLinn said.

Jordan has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The disease is deadly. His life expectancy is only 20 years. He captured many hearts in Central Indiana, when made a wish and lived a dream, becoming the youngest recruit for the Indianapolis Fire Department.

“He’s only 5 now, but with a life expectancy of 20 and expected to be in a wheelchair in maybe 5 years, we need this drug now,” Laura McLinn added.

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