Amanda’s Incredible Journey

A sweet melody, a catchy tune, and a powerful voice are some components that make music such a release for people. For Amanda Wilcox, music is her life. Her mother and father along with her four brothers and sisters all sing and love to create new music. As Amanda says, “I think I could sing before I could say any words.”

That all changed in early 2014, when Amanda went in to see her doctor after experiencing stomach pains. She was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Within weeks of this unexpected diagnosis, Amanda also discovered she had thyroid cancer that would require immediate care, followed by 12 rigorous weeks of chemotherapy – all before she could even tackle her colon cancer.

The cancer in her thyroid stole her health and her ability to sing. Despite these setbacks, Amanda remained positive – her smile and upbeat attitude provided warmth to people all over the country who learned of her story.

Thankfully Amanda was able to overcome her thyroid cancer and hopes to be singing again soon. Now she faces her second challenge – the colon cancer.

In March of this year, Amanda went through a difficult surgery and is now undergoing 12 weeks of chemotherapy as part of her treatment. More surgeries and chemotherapy could be on the way, but Amanda remains positive and is hoping for a full recovery.

            In typical Amanda fashion, her cancer has not stopped her from enjoying life. Recently, her sister welcomed a baby boy to the family, another sister became engaged, and Amanda is now engaged as well.

Amanda is also giving back to the cancer community. She created a beauty company with a mission; for every item purchased, she gives the same item to another cancer patient going through chemotherapy. Homemade bath bombs, lip balms, and candles are boxed up and delivered with a smile.

            Life is looking up for Amanda, but many in her shoes are not as lucky. We all know someone who has lost a battle to cancer, or is struggling with a terminal illness. Amanda has new hope, but many people dying from terminal illnesses have exhausted traditional treatment options and any belief that they will find a cure.

            Right to Try, allows terminally ill patients access to investigational treatments that might prove life-saving. It gives them hope. It gives them a chance to try to save their own lives. If you want to keep up to date on Amanda recovery, want to wish her well or purchase a beauty product that will assist others in need click here.